Cayuga Heights

Springtime is great for getting views that might not be as open once the trees are in full bloom. In the summer months, leaf-filled branches obstruct the waterfall from this viewpoint, however, right now you can see all the way across the valley. In addition, there is a pleasing color variety in the trees from whites to yellows and many shades of green. My favorite part about this photo is the white tree sitting on the cliff side on the other side of the gorge.

Home of the Big Red

In this photo you can see Cornell campus up on a hill above Cayuga Lake. Many of the buildings are much more visible now than they will be once the leaves start to come back in a few weeks’ time. The building in front is the boathouse for the crew team which lies at the end of Six Mile Creek. I stitched together over 50 photos to make this HDR panorama.